I started writing my first novel when I was seventeen. It pulled me through the darkness of my father’s cancer diagnosis and was a lifeline for me after his death. At 18 I queried that novel and was offered a contract from a seedy vanity press. Thank goodness I had a mentor who looked over the contract and said “No way in hell are you signing this.” Ultimately, that book didn’t find me an agent, which wasn’t really that surprising considering books featuring Latinx characters were incredibly rare.

In my early twenties, inspired by a community of Makers I met in Florida, I discovered self-publishing and decided to share my work on my own. For nearly three years nothing happened. I was basically invisible but kept building my backlist, each one helping me grow my writer’s toolkit. Then a miracle happened. I learned how Amazon’s algorithms really work, changed my keywords, and updated my series book covers and suddenly my books were selling hundreds of copies a day. I blogged about the entire journey here.

Above, I’ve organized some of my most popular (and hopefully useful) posts by category for easy navigating. This is by no means a comprehensive guide on writing or self-publishing or overcoming anxiety. My blog is simply a place where I ask questions and then try to answer them. Hopefully, you can find something useful for whatever stage you’re at in your writing journey. *If you do, I hope you’ll consider saying thanks using the Ko-fi button below!


As an indie author, I know how difficult promo can be when you’re doing it all on your own. The good news is that there is an entire community out there of bloggers who are willing to help.

The bloggers on my list either 1) explicitly state that they accept review requests from indie authors 2) do not explicitly state that they DO NOT accept indie authors or it is implied by their previous reviews that they accept indie or self-published titles for review 3) host a feature/spotlight specifically for indie authors.